Recomended spare & optional parts

Most common spare parts to have

x1 P01 Ball Joint
x1 P02 Ball Joint
x1 P03 Arm Mount
x1 P04 Arm Hasp
x1 P07 Arm Clip
x1 P13-4 Ball End
x1 P16 Axle Lock Rings - Lock Ring
x1 C04M1 Carbon Suspension Arm
x1 ST16 U-Joint Cross
x1 B106RS Axle Bearings
x1 AT14 Turnbuckle
x1 AT25 Turnbuckle

Spare parts that are usefull to have

x1 P05 Sway Bar Joint
x1 P138 38T Pulley
x1 C27X Topdeck
x1 ST13 Front Universal Bone
x1 ST14 Rear Universal Bone
x1 ST10 2mm Pin
x1 ST11 Bushing R
x1 SPR07 E-Ring

Usefull optional parts

x1 AT21+0.5S
x2 C04M1+0.5 Carbon Suspension Arm 0.5mm wider
x1 SPR01S soft springs
x1 ST24M 4,8x8mm Ball Stud
x1 ST24L 4.8x10mm Ball Stud
x1 C26 Top Stiffener
x1 ST165 Chassis stiffner 65g
x1 ST105 round wheight 5g
x1 ST110 round wheight 10g
x1 P138LF 38T  Low friction Pulley
x1 SWB13 Swaybar 1.3mm
x1 AT22 Rear body Holder (for better looking)
x1 C07 Carbon bumper (for better looking)
x1 AM12-1 Alloy battery holder (for better looking)
x1 BC1 Battery clamp set (for better looking)
x1 UB1 Universals Bearings Set The set for replacement of ST11 bushings by the ball bearings.
xN Titanium Turnbuckle to substitute standard AT14 or AT25 turnbuckle
     Turnbuckle TITANIUM 38mm x 2 (like AT25 link)
     Turnbuckle TITANIUM 28mm x 2 (like AT14 link)
x1 LS1 (if you have a A800 kit version)
x1 GD2B Gear diff set (in order to have another gear diff with different oil already ready) 

You can also choose to use the Alloy suspension arms, available in standard lenght C04AL and 0.5mm wider C04AL+0.5

AS-701L Brushless Low-Profile Servo (awesomatix servo with integrated mount)

VTD Vertical Topdeck (best on low grip conditions)

Recomended tools

x1 Caster doodle To easy measure the caster